MNA Cardz is committed to delivering the highest quality Dragon Ball Heroes cards to you, our customer. We understand the importance of card condition to collectors, and we aim to provide only near-mint cards that shine within your collection and set us apart from every other Dragon Ball Heroes card store.

1. The Near Mint Standard

We take immense pride in our selection of Dragon Ball Heroes cards, and we carefully inspect ALL cards that we list for sale on our website. We adhere to a strict "near mint" standard, ensuring that the cards we offer are as close to perfect as possible.

2. The Definition of "Near Mint" at MNA

  • Corners: Corners are sharp or evenly rounded without any noticeable wear and tear. There¬†is¬†no creases, dings, or bending on the front or back of the card.¬†

  • Edges: The edges are clean, crisp, and free from any fraying or dings.

  • Surface: The card surface is smooth, with less than noticeable scratches, scuffs, or marks. At most, one or two small defects¬†may be present, but are small enough that¬†they are barely¬†visible.

  • Color: The colors are vibrant and free from fading or discoloration. No white spots or marks are present on any part of the card.

3. Inspection Process

Before listing any Dragon Ball Heroes cards, we thoroughly assess each card for imperfections, ensuring they meet our "near mint" standard as defined above. Any cards that do not meet this standard are not listed on our website for sale. As a secondary precaution, we also inspect cards during the order fulfillment process to ensure you only receive the best card copies leaving our store. If in the rare chance a card you ordered is identified as not meeting our "near mint" standard, we will notify you by email of our findings, send you photos of the card(s), and inquire about how you would like to proceed with the order. This is to ensure the satisfaction with all Dragon Ball Heroes cards and products you receive from MNA Cardz.

4. Product Photos

All products on our website are photographed to highlight the detail, texture, and design of every trading card we have in stock. We prefer this style of presentation compared to using stock images so that you can get a true sense on how the Dragon Ball Heroes cards will look like when it's received and displayed. If you would like more images of a particular card to make a more informed purchase, please Contact Us and let us know.

5. The Cleanest Cards

We also aim to offer the cleanest Dragon Ball Heroes cards possible compared to all other sellers on the market. We will continuously work to maintain the highest standards for card quality and condition, ensuring that your collection remains as crisp as possible.

6. Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive their Dragon Ball Heroes cards in the best condition possible. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we strive to provide you with cards that meet or exceed your expectations. We hope that after purchasing a card or product from our website, you can see the value with shopping with us and we can continue to handle all your future Dragon Ball Heroes card needs.

7. Return Policy

If, by any chance, you are not satisfied with the card(s) that you received, please refer to our Return & Refund Policy for information on how to address the issue. We are committed to resolving such matters promptly and to your satisfaction.

If you have any other questions regarding card condition or the points we detailed above. please Contact Us and we will get back with an appropriate response.


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